Bee-eaters and Rollers Photography Hide Rental

wildlife hide photography

Bee-eater © Bogdan Andonov

We have two Bee-eater & Roller photography wooden hides, available for rent. The hides are comfortable for 5 people. They are erected in close vicinity to a colony of European Bee-eater and next to a breeding pair of European roller. The colony proper is located in a little valley covered with grassy vegetation and with scattered shrubs and little grooves. Since couple of years we have breeding pair of Hoopoe at the same place and good photos of the species are possible. The hides are positioned in such a way as to enable us take shots in the morning and in the afternoon. At a distance of about 200 m from the colony there is a village fountain where in the past (but nowadays, too) local villagers used to water the cattle. This fountain is a real crowd-puller for the thirsty birds from the valley, and they are not so few species: all species of woodpeckers with the exception of the Three-toed Woodpecker, the Black-headed, Ortolan and Corn Buntings, the Lesser Gray Woodchat and the Red-backed Shrike, the Golden Oriole, Roller, Hoopoe, Turtle Dove, Common Whitethroat and Lesser Whitethroat, Barred Warbler, Hawfinch, etc

Reaching and visiting the hide

A guide of ours will take you from the Lodge and bring you to the hide. He will explain all the main rules for using the hide, and bring you back to the lodge after you finish with your photographic session.

The hides are easily reachable from Pelican Birding lodge and are just 5 minutes by car or 15 minutes on foot.


On our way to the hides and once inside we should try to be as silent as we can.

Entering the hides must be very early in the morning, at dawn and before sunrise. It’s a very strict rule. If the birds see people they may not land on the perch in front of the hide. After all our main goal is to do everything without disturbing the nature around us.

Staying in the hide is by your wish, but for better chances it’s good to spend the day in the hide and leave at dusk.

If you decide to leave the hide during the day it must be done in a way in order not to disturb the birds.  Without slamming the doors and as silent as you can be.

Do not forget to turn off your phone.
Do not use any devices which emit light as this can easily disturb the birds
Talking should be only in a very low voice
Smoking is strictly forbidden

For a good success rate you must allow  birds first to land and feel confident on the perch, then try to move your lenses very quietly and slowly while taking pictures.

Food :

It is better to organize your food the day before or in the morning, at your accommodation place.  Use only soft plastic boxes or packages which are not noisy.

Toilet :

Toilet is not provided in the area of the hide, please do not forget to use the toilet in your room before you leave for the hide.

Available: Late April – July

Weather: During this time of the year daily temperatures are almost always around and above 20C. Rainfalls possible, but as a whole it is a fair, sunny and steady weather. Depressions occur very rarely and then temperatures fall down to 15C.

Price: 25 Euro per person / per day

THE PRICE INCLUDES: hide, chairs.
THE PRICE DOESN’T INCLUDE: accommodation, photo equipment.

Photo Equipment recommendations:


300 to 400 mm lenses on full frame cameras.

Best cameras:

Full frame cameras with fast “frame per second” rate are preferable


1.4x , 1.7x, 2x teleconverters could be very useful

Do not forget:



Usually we have warm weather during spring time and hot during summer, but it is useful to take with you – Waterproof shoes, jacket in case of rain. Repellents against mosquitoes.

Photographing from a hide is not so easy as it seems at first glance. Nevertheless that it is possible to make good photos just for 1 day stay in the hide, this is wild nature and nothing is guaranteed. It needs patients and it takes time.

Bookings: You can send your request using our booking form in the contacts & location section of the site or send us an e-mail at ,