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Pelican Birding Lodge /PBL/ is located in the Danube riverside small village of Vetren, the municipality of Silistra. Bulgaria. Europe.

How to get to PBL from Sofia.
1. Arriving by plane at Sofia (the capital city of Bulgaria) Airport. From there you can get to the town of Silistra by the intercity bus route Sofia-Silistra. From the town of Silistra there is a local bus line to the village of Vetren with buses commuting several times a day between the town and the village.
2. You can also travel by train from Sofia to Silistra.
3. Important for those who will travel by their own vehicle: from Sofia you are to start first to the north-east towards the city of Rousse and once in that city, you are to strike due east towards the town of Silistra. Both Rousse and Silistra are on the Danube riverside. A hundred kilometres after you have passed by Rousse on your way to Silistra you will see a road sign (some 20 km before reaching Silistra proper) pointing to the left towards the village of Srebarna. You turn to the left as indicated, pass the village of Srebarna and after 5 km driving you will be reaching the village of Vetren. After you have entered the village you take on the first cross-street to the right, then on the first cross-street to the left. The fourth house on the right-hand side of this street is the Pelican Birding Lodge. Welcome there!

How to get to PBL from Varna
1. After your plane has landed at the city of Varna International Airport (on Bulgarian Northern Black Sea Coast) you will have to take the intercity bus to Silistra from Varna Bus Station. Once you have arrived at Silistra you will reach PBL following the steps described above.
2. For those travelling by their own vehicle: After leaving Varna behind you, strike to the north-west, towards the city of Dobrich and after passing by Dobrich you continue in the direction for Silistra. Some 8 km before reaching town of Silistra proper, you will see a road sign indcating a left turn in the direction of the city of Rousse. You should take this road and skirt both the town of Silistra and the village of Aidemir. This detour will get you on the Silistra-Rousse highway. Once on the highway riding westwards, after some 6 km you will see a road sign pointing to the right – a road fork to the village of Srebarna. You turn right for Srebarna and continue towards Vetren. Once there, you will find PBL as described above.

How to get to PBL from Romania
1. You arrive at Bucharest Airport and from there with an international motor coach you reach the city of Rousse. From Rousse take the motor coach to the town of Silistra and once there you will reach PBL as described above.
2. For those travelling by their own transportation means (vehicle): From Rumanian land you have to reach the city of Rousse in Bulgaria. From Rousse you travel as described above to PBL. If you happen to be in Eastern Rumania you can use the ferry connecting the Rumanian town of Calarash to Bulgarian town of Silistra across the Danube, and once in Silistra you follow the route to the village of Vetren described above.


Vetren village ,16 Dunav str.
Silistra town district.
Tel/Fax: ++ 359 2 963 04 36
Mobile: ++ 359 887 57 21 96, ++ 359 887 617 399

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