Golden Jackal Photography Hide Rental

Golden jackal hide Our Golden jackal hide is situated just a couple of hundred meters from our Bee-eater, Roller & Hoopoe hides. It is a permanent all wooden hide organized as a feeding station. It is comfortable for up to 5 people. The hide can be used for photography and for observation as the photography embrasures could be easily replaced with huge mirror-glass windows for perfect views. Photography is also possible through the windows. Our main focus here is the Golden Jackal, but the hide is Continue reading →

Bee-eaters and Rollers Photography Hide Rental

Bee-eater & Roller Hide We have two Bee-eater & Roller photography wooden hides, available for rent. The hides are comfortable for 3 people. They are erected in close vicinity to a colony of European Bee-eater and next to a breeding pair of European roller. The colony proper is located in a little valley covered with grassy vegetation and with scattered shrubs and little grooves. Since couple of years we have breeding pair of Hoopoe at the same place and good photos of the species are Continue reading →

Wildlife photography tour

Wildlife photography tour 27 May 2017 – 03 June 2017 The tour will be carried out in close proximity of the majestic river Danube and the Nature Reserve Srebarna, which is under UNESCO’s aegis being a Monument of the World Nature Heritage. During the entire sojourn we will be accommodated at the Pelican Birding Lodge. The chief attraction will be the taking of photos from two hides positioned in such a way as to enable us take shots in the morning and in the afternoon. Continue reading →

Watching Dragonflies

The area is extremely rich of various water bodies – lakes, and marshes, and rivers, and brooks, and brooklets. These hydrological features of the region have contributed greatly to the extraordinary richness of dragonfly species. Also it should be noted that Bulgaria is not well studied in this respect and one may always be in for a surprise of finding some rare and even new for the country or Europe species, and why not some new one even for the science? A couple of years Continue reading →

Watching Butterflies

The area is extremely rich of different species of Butterflies and Moths. There are some of the them : Butterflies 1. Carcharodus alceae 2. Erynnis tages 3. Ochlodes venata 4. Pyrgus malvae 5. Anthocharis cardamines 6. Colias alfacariensis 7. Colias croceus 8. Colias erate 9. Gonepteryx rhamni 10. Leptidea sinapis 11. Pieris brassicae 12. Pieris napi 13. Pieris rapae 14. Pontia daplidice 15. Celastrina argiolus 16. Cupido argiades 17. Lycaena dispar rutila 18. Lycaena thersamon 19. Plebejus argus 20. Polyommatus icarus 21. Issoria lathonia 22. Continue reading →


So far, in the area around the Pelican Birding Lodge have been observed over 200 breeding and migrating species of birds and this alone is a prerequisite for a very good birding there. This is indeed one of the best birding places in Europe: The Majestic Danube, the Lakes Srebarna and Malak Preslavets, the steppes with the rocky riverbeds that cut through as well as the surrounding forests have furthered the rise of various habitats and this, on its part, has been the decisive factor Continue reading →