Watching Dragonflies

The area is extremely rich of various water bodies – lakes, and marshes, and rivers, and brooks, and brooklets. These hydrological features of the region have contributed greatly to the extraordinary richness of dragonfly species. Also it should be noted that Bulgaria is not well studied in this respect and one may always be in for a surprise of finding some rare and even new for the country or Europe species, and why not some new one even for the science? A couple of years ago an expert working for our company Pandion-D discovered an absolutely new for the science species of dragonfly in South Bulgaria. So the challenges are waiting for you, lovers and fans of dragonflies!


1. Calopteryx virgo
2. Calopteryx splendens
3. Lestes parvidens
4. Lestes barbarus
5. Lestes virens
6. Lestes sponsa
7. Lestes dryas
8. Sympecma fusca
9. Platycnemis pennipes
10. Erythromma lindenii
11. Erythromma najas
12. Erythromma viridulum
13. Coenagrion ornatum
14. Coenagrion puella
15. Coenagrion pulchellum
16. Enallagma cyathigerum
17. Ischnura pumilio
18. Ischnura elegans
19. Aeshna mixta
20. Aeshna affinis
21. Aeshna isoceles
22. Anax imperator
23. Anax parthenope
24. Anax ephippiger
25. Brachytron pretense
26. Gomphus flavipes
27. Gomphus vulgatissimus
28. Cordulia aenea
29. Cordulegaster insignis
30. Libellula depressa
31. Libellula quadrimaculata
32. Orthetrum cancellatum
33. Orthetrum albistylum
34. Orthetrum brunneum
35. Orthetrum coerulescens
36. Crocothemis erythraea
37. Sympetrum striolatum
38. Sympetrum vulgatum
39. Sympetrum meridionale
40. Sympetrum fonscolombii
41. Sympetrum flaveolum
42. Sympetrum sanguineum
43. Sympetrum depressiusculum
44. Sympetrum pedemontanum