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Dragonflies of Dobrudzha Area and Black-Sea Coast (Bulgaria)

Dragonflies of Dobrudzha Area and Black-Sea Coast (Bulgaria) Best Time: June This tour will take us to one of the less known parts of Bulgaria: Southern Dobroudzha. We will visit the last natural wetlands that have survived along the Danube riverside and the Black Sea coast as well as the picturesque valley of river Roussenski Lom. Our goal will be to watch more than 40 species of Dragonflies, some of which you can see only here. The tour also offers the observation of more than Continue reading →

Butterflies of Northern Black-Sea Coast and Dobrudzha Area (Bulgaria)

Butterflies of Northern Black-Sea Coast and Dobrudzha Area (Bulgaria) Best time: June-July  Bulgaria is located in the central and eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula and covers a surface area of about 111000 sq. km. The present butterfly fauna has formed itself as a consequence of diverse climatic conditions, relief, texture and vegetation as well as the presence of refuges where, during the ice age, relic species have been preserved or endemic species have formed. This fauna of Bulgaria is the richest one among all Continue reading →

Golden Jackal & European Ground Squirrel Photography Tour

Golden Jackal & European Ground Squirrel Photography Tour Best Time: April-September Of approximately 180 species of mammal found that populate Europe: in Bulgaria you will find over 100 of these, including numerous rare European examples. During this tour our main focus will be on the Golden Jackal and threatened: European Ground Squirrel. Both of these species survive in sustainable numbers within the borders of the country. Notably: Bulgaria maintains the largest Jackal population in Europe. Among these target species we will also have the opportunity Continue reading →

Birds of Dobrudza and Northern Black-Sea Coast (Bulgaria)

BIRDS OF DOBRUDZA AND NORTHERN BLACK-SEA COAST (BULGARIA) Best time: 15 April – 5 October. Day 1 After breakfast we set off for Srebarna Reserve where we are going to spend the whole day in watching rare and interesting species of birds like:  The Black, the Red-necked,  the Little and the Great Crested  Grebes, the Dalmatian and the White Pelicans, the Pygmy Cormorant, the Little Bittern, the Squacco Heron, the Little and the Great Egrets, the Night Heron, the Purple Heron, the Glossy Ibis, the Spoonbill Continue reading →

Golden Jackal Photography Hide Rental

Our Golden jackal hide is situated just a couple of hundred meters from our Bee-eater, Roller & Hoopoe hides. It is a permanent all wooden hide organized as a feeding station. It is comfortable for up to 5 people. The hide can be used for photography and for observation as the photography embrasures could be easily replaced with huge mirror-glass windows for perfect views. Photography is also possible through the windows. Our main focus here is the Golden Jackal, but the hide is very often visited Continue reading →

Bee-eaters and Rollers Photography Hide Rental

We have two Bee-eater & Roller photography wooden hides, available for rent. The hides are comfortable for 5 people. They are erected in close vicinity to a colony of European Bee-eater and next to a breeding pair of European roller. The colony proper is located in a little valley covered with grassy vegetation and with scattered shrubs and little grooves. Since couple of years we have breeding pair of Hoopoe at the same place and good photos of the species are possible. The hides are Continue reading →