Фотография сред дивата природа

wildlife hide photography

wildlife hide photography

23-30 May 2015
30 April – 7 May 2016
21-28 May 2016

The tour will be carried out in close proximity of the majestic river Danube and the Nature Reserve Srebarna, which is under UNESCO’s aegis being a Monument of the World Nature Heritage.
During the entire sojourn we will be accommodated at the Pelican Birding Lodge.
The chief attraction will be the taking of photos from two hides positioned in such a way as to enable us take shots in the morning and in the afternoon. Hides are erected in close vicinity to a colony of European Bee-eater. The colony proper is located in a little valley covered with grassy vegetation and with scattered shrubs and little grooves. At a distance of about 200 m from the colony there is a village fountain where in the past (but nowadays, too) local villagers used to water the cattle. This fountain is a real crowd-puller for the thirsty birds from the valley, and they are not so few species: all species of woodpeckers with the exception of the Three-toed Woodpecker, the Black-headed, Ortolan and Corn Buntings, the Lesser Gray Woodchat and the Red-backed Shrike, the Golden Oriole, Roller, Hoopoe, Turtle Dove, Common Whitethroat and Lesser Whitethroat, Barred Warbler, Hawfinch, etc.
Only at several minutes drive by a car from the Lodge is the Srebarna Reserve where we will have the chance to photograph the Dalmatian and the White Pelicans (mainly in flight), Penduline Tit, Great Reed Warbler and many other species.
The rich biodiversity in the area will also offer opportunities for macro photography – mainly butterflies, and dragonflies, but there will be plenty of other insects, too. There are very good opportunities to take shots of the Golden Jackal and, if we are lucky, also of some other lesser predators and steppe rodents.
We will have early morning starts and late evening sessions, as well as afternoon siestas, to avoid the strong sunlight in the middle of the day. The weather in May is not so hot in Bulgaria, we expect daily temperatures around 25 Celsius, mornings will be cooler.


  • First Day. Landing at Bucharest or Varna Airport and transfer to the village of Vetren, municipality of Silistra, where we will be accommodated at the Pelican Birding Lodge for 7 nights.
  • Day Two to Six. Six days wildlife photographing in the area.
  • Day Eight. Depending on the flight schedules – last photographing in the area and transfer to the respective airports.

Land only price:

Group size: 2-3 + leader 1350 EUR
Group size: 4-6 + leader 1200 EUR

Single room supplement 120 EUR
Deposit 150 EUR

THE PRICE INCLUDES: Ground transport, Full board (packed lunch), accommodation, guide, hide, chairs.

THE PRICE DOESN’T INCLUDE: insurance, photo equipment, flight, alcohol.

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